October 23, 2018

Mindanao Avenue. Kalayaan Avenue. Marikina

Company Overview


JDMselect is a shop based in Quezon City and Marikina which aims to bring in to the country the best parts from Japan, USA and other affordable sources for various tuner rides from EKs, FD, Fit, Silvia’s, Evos, Impreza’s, Yaris and a whole lot more. We are also a main distributpr and flagship Shop for Eibach, the leading springs manufacturer in the world.

Let me remind you that we are also an online shop down to our roots. We can ship Nationwide, you can deposit in 10 diffferent banks, Paypal, Mlluier and LBC.

HKS, Spoon, SSR, TEIN, Bride, Endless, Tanabe and Greddy to name a few, are some familiar figures which you may have heard, and are part of the roster of parts which we provide.

about us
The great thing about JDMselect which we have been known for almost 5 years of service is our speed and reliability. Honesty also plays a huge role in all of our operations, you can call us, search us up or make a visit to our office or shop anytime 6 days a week, ultimately, we will be there to answer and respond to your inquiry.
We value every transaction may it be coilovers being sent to Cebu or Davao, or Carbon Fiber Hoods sent to Pampanga or Baguio, to even small items like plateholders, emblems and even that cute Asimo Doll being sent to as near as Makati City.
Its pretty easy, simply contact us at our hotline: 0927 255 33 15 / landline: (02) 668 1334
You can ask your questions and/or inquiries and we, as always, will gladly answer your call and meet your demands the best way possible.
Deposits are made through BDO, Metrobank and RCBC Commercial Bank.
Shipping of packages are via Fedex/Air 21, AP Cargo and Sungold. Depending upon location and arrangement.
For your security, we will text you your tracking number before 5:00PM that day, it will also be posted in our Facebook Page as proof.
Thank you very much. Please keep us in mind when you need high quality parts and service.
Keep Safe.
Dondie A. Mallari.
  • JDMselect is a registered business entity at DTI/BIR
  • We have established oura name for over 5 years, we can ship nationwide via AP Cargo, Sungold, Air 21 and LBC.
  • Customer transactions and deposits are secure through our BDO, Metrobank and RCBC Commercial Bank Accounts.
  • You may visit us anytime in any of our two (2) branches located at Quezon City.
  • Ask questions, check out our parts, window-shop, make orders, have the parts installed, 7 days a week.
  • JDMselect is known for reliability, speed and trustworthyness.
  • Be secure when buying parts Online, choose JDMselect.
  • Add us on Facebook, just search: JDMselect
  • Or visit us at JDMselect.multiply.com


To provide the best aftermarket parts to enthusiasts, groups, race competitors and show-car builders.

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